Food & Farming

Not Your Average Farmers, But They Should Be

The farming practices most large-scale farms use today degrade soil health, require a tremendous amount of water, harm the environment, ...
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California EPA Links Ingredient in Roundup to Cancer

In an effort to protect human health, the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) has determined that the active ingredient in ...
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Recreational Drug “Special-K” Found In ‘100% Natural’ Chicken

Three consumer groups filed suit against the nation’s 3rd largest poultry producer yesterday for false advertising. Routine USDA testing found ...
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Farmers in 10 States Sue Monsanto

IT ALL STARTS WITH WEEDS Weeds are a straightforward problem without an easy solution. They suck up water and compete with crops ...
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Monsanto’s Roundup, Cancer, EPA Collusion and Your Food

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto Co.'s weed killer Roundup, is the most used agricultural chemical in the history of ...
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Bees are Dying. Could Flying Drones Replace Them?

A new study, Pollinators in Peril, by the Center for Biological Diversity has found that that 52 percent of native bee ...
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