A Pig’s Tail

One night, after a particularly trying day in Los Angeles, I fantasized about getting the hell out of Dodge and escaping to an organic farm where I could hang out with some animals and learn how to cook. Two days

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Organic 2.0

If you’re eating USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified organic food, you’re doing your part to reduce the amount of unhealthy chemicals in our environment. You’re protecting bees, promoting better treatment


Soda is Bad For Your Brain

A new study provides some evidence that drinking soda is bad for your brain. The study, which was published in the journals Alzheimer’s & Dementia and Stroke, found that people who regularly drank


Beyond the White Coats

Curious about alternative forms of health care?  Feel like your doctor isn’t treating the root cause of your illness, but rather managing your pain with pills? If so, alternative medicine might be