Noelle Conti


Organic 2.0

If you’re eating USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified organic food, you’re doing your part to reduce the amount of unhealthy chemicals in our environment. You’re protecting bees, promoting better treatment


It’s Time for Holiday Chocolate

If the holidays have you craving something chocolatey and sweet, you won’t feel guilty eating this organic and fair trade chocolate! Get your mug ready for some luscious hot cocoa. Equal Exchange Organic

Drop the Coconut Oil!

The health world cherishes coconut oil, but the American Heart Association (AHA) just released a report that may make you want to put it down. Because coconut oil increases LDL cholesterol, a


Where Are All The Women?

Women outnumber men in all but one of the five largest cities in the United States. But when it comes to representation in local government, women are nowhere near men’s ranks. NEW