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5th Branch  is a newsmagazine devoted to health. The goal is to inspire you to grow your own organic food (or at least know who grows it, and how), spend more time in nature, and find some form of movement or exercise that clears your head and strengthens your body. We stay curious about how to live a sustainable life and share what we’ve learned with you. Sign up for our newsletter (below), and once a week (or whenever we get out of the garden), we’ll email you something deliciously healthy. 



Noelle’s first paid job was performing in San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco at age 11, and she’s been dancing ever since (is there a better way to remain sane and healthy?). When her professional dance career ended, Noelle became an award-winning news producer at the NPR (National Public Radio) affiliate station in Los Angeles. There, she used her degree from UC Berkeley to research, write, and produce for a live, daily news and public affairs program. One of her proudest accomplishments was producing a series of special documentary features about the health issues of underserved communities in Los Angeles. Noelle started 5th Branch a year-and-a-half after suffering a serious concussion that left her unable to work or participate in life in all the usual ways. It took some time, but, eventually, she recovered (with the help of dance, of course!). The experience left her feeling even more resolute to bring her journalistic skills to the health issues that capture her interest each week. 

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